The modern world of cloth dolls is new to me. I think I've found a medium I like, offering such scope for creativity.
This was my first attempt at making Waldorf style dolls. They are lovely to do and my daughter has fallen in love with the one I made her.
This is Daisy Mae, a round robin doll, she went to Fran, Ally, Karen and Darla in the USA for each stage of her clothing before she came back to me. I love what everyone has done to her. Thankyou everyone.
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Unfinished Projects

I thought I'd share with you what I am working on at present, If you are offended by nudity...Don't Look
I've been practicing some needle sculpture, now I need to think about some bodies for these
This is from the Gloria Winer pattern, the universal toddler. I'm still deciding how to dress him...I think he will be playing "Dressing up" with his sister (she is headless right now)and have an oversized jacket and hat .
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This is my recent project made for my daughters friend, it was fun and simple to do and I am quite pleased with the outcome.
Adventure in Cloth