Learn how to make your own reproduction porcelain doll
at a Susiedolls class
Susie Dolls is now offering a series of project classes for 2007/8. Any of which can be taken at your own pace in a weekly class (During term time). We run a small, friendly class (up to 6 places only) we hope you will learn and practice your porcelain doll making skills, with the associated history as we specialise in reproductions of the antique doll, though we do also work with modern artist designs.

Classes are currently held on Saturdays:

Session one – 10.15am – 12.45pm - £4.00
Session two – 1.30pm – 3.00pm - £2.00
(Or £5 for both sessions)

You pay the class fee plus the cost of the doll you choose to make.
(This may be in instalments over 8 weeks)

Susie’s Sewing Circle will be starting again during the Winter, this is a sewing club where we have a number of detailed projects for you or you may wish to use the time to dress some of your naked dollies with help from fellow club members.

Illustrated here are some of the project dolls recommended for beginners to antique doll reproduction, however, there are many others to choose from.
Dolls vary in price depending on complexity, use of eyes, tongues, wigs etc. which may range from £45 to £175.

‘My Dream Baby’ by Armand Marseille

Closed mouth, flange neck on linen cloth
body with cotter pin joints and with
papier-mâché hands. The body is
traditionally straw stuffed and includes
a ‘mama’ voice box.
The doll is dressed in pilch, flannelette
petticoat, lace petticoat and baby gown
with matching bonnet.
Cost £80 plus £45 for costume (optional)

J.D. Kestners ‘Hilda’

Everyone’s favourite, either as a baby or as a toddler, this doll will stretch your abilities she has an open mouth, teeth and tongue, the head is on an 18” bent limb baby body. Complete this doll with a handmade mohair wig.
There is a fabric and notion kit available
to complete a traditional baby outfit using
hand-sewing techniques.
£145 plus £45 costume (optional). We also offer Kestner 174 (Hilda’s big sister) 21” tall

K*R 100 – ‘Kaiser Baby’,
16" tall on a bent limb baby body, painted hair and eyes. You either love him or hate him. This doll lends itself to a lovely costuming project for the complete baby layettes of the day.
£90 plus £45 costume.